The Yorkton Housing Corporation was incorporated on September 6, 1956 to maintain

and operate self-contained housing units for the accommodation of low income seniors

on a not for profit basis. The City of Yorkton owns 100% of the shares of the

Yorkton Housing Corporation with City Council as the Board of Directors.

Our portfolio includes:

            Jubilee Crescent – 20 duplexes = 40 one bedroom suites

            Bradbrooke Drive – 10 four plexes = 40 bachelor/studio suites

            Independent Manor – four storey high rise with 20 one bedroom suites

            and 10 two bedroom suites

            Allan Bay Manor – one storey apartment complex with 22 one bedroom suites

            Fromm Manor – one storey apartment complex with 11 bachelor/studio suites



The Yorkton Housing Corporation is a commission of the City of Yorkton entrusted to provide adequate, suitable and affordable housing, to best meet the needs of the residents of the City of Yorkton.
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